Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Issues Rampant

I waited in line about two hours in Merrillville this morning, a sign of record voter turnout. I called the election hotline since a lady was electioneering for a school board candidate directly in front of the entryway (Federal law prohibits this within 50 feet from the entrance to the polls). I doubt they'll follow up on it, though. What is your voting experience?

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briefs said...

Mine was fine, but I just talked to Porter County GOP chair and he said police had to be called to one precinct this morning in Valpo because an Obama voter starting threatening a McCain voter in line.

Also, at the local Starbucks, who were going to hand out free coffee to only Obama voters, they got pressured to hand out free coffee to all voters, but one employee got unruly yelling out the drive thru window and had to be disciplined by manager.

Interesting how civility seems to have dropped with the new "changes"