Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's The Deal With Bloglines?

I use Bloglines to read my feeds, but lately it hasn't been receiving too many. For instance, I enjoy reading Steve's blog Porter County Politics, but recently I figured he hasn't been posting anything. I went the blog today and saw that he has posted almost daily over the last week, yet I haven't seen any of those posts in my Bloglines reader. What is going on? Maybe it's time to switch to Google Reader! Anyone else having similar issues?


briefs said...

Thanks for the link, and you bet we've been posting away all week, mainly about the bailout bill.

I never could get bloglines to work for me, something about the setup just didn't work for my 40 year old brain.

I'm stuck with Greader until something better and faster comes along. Simac and I both use the "shared" feature a lot, allowing me to see which posts he bumped into today and vice versa. If you move over, send me a chat request from your gmail account and as soon as we're officially chat friends we can see eachother's shared items.

my gmail stevesynergy (at) gmail

prayeramedic said...

Will send you a chat shortly.