Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ross Township Volunteer FD to run out of funds soon

The town hasn't paid the volunteer FD the money it owes it for quite some time, only now the department may no longer be able to operate without it. This is sort of important to me since I used to serve as a volunteer for station #2. The biggest problem is the amount of money wasted on false alarms. The town needs to raise it ordinance fine for these alarms. There are several "frequent flyers" who CONSTANTLY ended up dispatching us for false alarms. From the NWI Times:

"The service responds to many false alarms and some occur at the same location multiple times a week.

Herzog said a stiffer penalty is needed because the service is wasting money when it responds to a false alarm. Councilmen have said false alarms also create safety issues.

Town councilmen have discussed an updated false alarm ordinance but have yet to vote on it."

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