Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama not a U.S. citizen?

Ever heard of Philip J. Berg? He is a life-long Democratic attorney with impeccable career credentials. And he has something to share with you that is of extreme importance.

He wonders why Barack Obama refuses to give his birth certificate to a judge. No conspiracy theory here, this is an actual court case. AND YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS. As first seen on endiana.com:


Chris said...

If this story is true, and it seems that this guy has the credentials to make it so, then why is Barack hiding behind the legal red tape? Just produce the documents and move on, McCain did. I'll tell you why, because with almost every single challenge to Obama's character, he has to hide, spin or manufature a story. I don't trust him and I'd like to think that this would be one reason, one very good reason to elect The President of the United States

prayeramedic said...

yep, definitely can't trust him