Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Perspective on Palin Trooper Firing

Advance Indiana has offered a phenomenal perspective on the Palin issue of being involved in firing a trooper.

In what has to be the poorest excuse for a political hatchet job legislative investigation, sham investigative findings, which were prepared by a partisan, financial supporter of Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, were released today saying that Gov. Sarah Palin exercised her constitutional power in firing her public safety commissioner but abused her power under the state's ethics law by pushing for the removal of her ex-brother in-law, who had enaged in various acts of misconduct, including threatening to kill Gov. Palin's father and using a taser on his own son.

Read the rest at Advance Indiana. . . .


briefs said...

I agree, gary's perspective was a good calming influence on me tonite, I was really thinking that ACORN and Ayres would take a back seat ... but in watching the news tonite I can see they don't care much either

prayeramedic said...