Monday, October 13, 2008

Gary woman creates domestic violence database

Myra Spearman, a Gary resident and former victim of domestic violence, has created a database to warn other potential victims. She was in a 14-year relationship with a man who had a history of abuse and claims, "Had I known, I never would have dated him to begin with." Well now she is giving others the opportunity to know beforehand.

The Post Tribune reports:

It was that frustration that led Spearman to create an online database -- at -- that lists the names of Lake County residents who have been convicted of domestic violence or who have had protection orders or restraining orders filed against them in court.

Patterned after Internet sites that identify sex offenders, The Weaker Vessel identifies domestic abuse offenders and lists the person's name, city and county of alleged offense, case number and description of offense -- all public information gleaned from court records provided by the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

While imperfect -- not all entries include full names and birth dates, for example -- it provides enough information for interested parties to find out more.

That alone may save a life, Spearman said.

Read the full article at the Post Tribune. . . . Spearman also maintains a blog at

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