Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do not underestimate the power of Twitter

I've been making it a goal to spend 30 minutes a day on Twitter. Yes that seems like a lot of time, but it really pays off. I've been making many new friends/followers, and it is helping me to really participate in the community aspects of Web 2.0. Not only that, people are more apt to visit your site when they know you and interact with you some. A good slice of my traffic comes from Twitter -- don't underestimate it! Plus, I like meeting new people!


briefs said...

As you know, I'm kinda hit or miss, with sometimes going two or three hours with twitter on ... and other times not checking in for a day or two.

I have populated by facebook profile with my twitter updates, and plaxo and friendfeed for that matter. So basically when I post to twitter I'm posting to multiple places where a conversation could erupt

prayeramedic said...

Same here with twitter linking into other social media. It definitely works, particularly Facebook.