Friday, October 31, 2008

I just got off the phone with Andy Horning

... who is the Libertarian candidate for governor of Indiana. Andy Horning wants to hear from the citizens of Indiana - you can call him directly on his cell phone at 812-585-0504.

We chatted mostly about Mitch Daniels, Horning admits that Daniels is going to win this election, but he also explained that a vote for Daniels is a vote for more of the same, while a vote for Horning sends a message to Mitch to listen to the voters who want to see Indiana's Constitution upheld.

Andy Horning says on his blog essentiallly what he told me on the phone:

Don’t waste your vote on Jill Long Thompson. She can’t win. No way.

Don’t waste your vote on Mitch, either. He’s already got you for another four years.

If you want your vote to say something at all, vote for me. That vote will tell Mitch that you want him to obey the oath of office. It will tell Governor Daniels that you’re not giving him a free pass to do whatever he wants to do with your life, liberty and property. It will tell all politicians that voters want the constitutions that protect citizens from ungoverned government. A vote for me says, “I’m onto y’all…we want our rights and property and lives back.”

So if you’re on the fence about who’ll get your vote for Governor of Indiana, vote for law and order, peace and principle…vote for Andy Horning for Governor and Lisa Kelly for Lt. Governor.

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briefs said...

dan, who's he voting for President?

prayeramedic said...

Same as me: Chuck Baldwin, that's the first thing we talked about.