Friday, October 10, 2008

AG hopefuls to debate in Hammond

Democrat Linda Pence and Republican Greg Zoeller will debate at Purdue Calumet on Tuesday, October 21st. Of course I can't find anything about this on Purdue Cal's website, but it is in the NWI Times. What's up with local colleges not posting political events on their public calendars? Recently Bob Barr spoke at Valparaiso University and not a word about was to be found on the Valpo website. Oh well. Sorry to get on a tangent.

The debate will take place at noon on the Hammond campus. Further details are pending. Zoeller, who defeated Valparaiso mayor Jon Costas as the Republican Indiana AG nominee, specifically pushed for the debate to held in Northwest Indiana. NWI Connect fully supports Greg Zoeller for AG! Be sure to watch the debates if you can!


briefs said...

dan, I grabbed this one and put on Porter County Politics and the Red County Porter County national site. Trying to build some subscribers for you and some traffic for both of us.

prayeramedic said...

Sounds good, thanks Steve. As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been returning the "link love" in posts.