Monday, September 15, 2008

Will you be traveling by car or by boat in NWI?

Wow! We got hit with some rain. It took me almost an hour to get home the other day, and I was within a mile of my subdivision! Why? Because two of the only ways to get in were flooded, so I had to take Route 30 to get in a back way. The only problem is that Route 30 was backed up and hardly moving.

Later last night I got a call from my grandma in Munster, saying she got an evacuation order because the river was cresting. So I (somehow) managed to get to her house via back roads without turning my little Honda Accord into a glorified canoe. We then proceeded to load all of her prized possessions into my car, my mom's van, and my brother's truck. Wow. Imagining having to pack up everything you value in less than an hour because you know the water is about to ruin everything else. We tried to raise the furniture onto bricks and take everything off of the ground as well. My grandma, along with her neighbors, mostly elderly, were beside themselves. One of her neighbors is in her late 80's and can't walk. Very sad. By the time we finished loading up my grandma's stuff, the city made us leave.

It was night time when most of this occurred, so I couldn't get good photos, but I took photos of my backyard, Meijer's, Sedona, and Mesa Ridge subdivisions in Merrillville earlier in the day. Here's a little bit of what we experienced, click on any image to see it enlarged:

Those are trees in that lake, not shrubbery. They are almost all the way submerge. Notice the water level on the fence line.

Up-close of the submerged trees.

Care to go shopping at Meijer's anyone?

Now how exactly did you want me to get out of my neighborhood again?

Share your stories and email your photos to and I'll post them here! How did you fare through the storm?


briefs said...

We did church in morning and then had friends over all day, stayed home and watched weather reports. That was a ton of rain indeed.

It will take most of today, barring more rain, for minor storm detention to drain out. It will take all week for major creeks and rivers to drain down. Today would be a dangerous day for kids, out of school, to play in creeks.

prayeramedic said...

Speaking of dangerous in creeks, did you hear about the two men who died rescuing children from a ditch in Chesterton? Very sad...