Thursday, September 4, 2008

Luke Puckett 2nd Congressional District Indiana on Sarah Palin

For Immediate Release
August 4th, 2008
Contact: Brian Sikma
Communications Director - Luke Puckett for Congress in Indiana
South Bend, IN-The morning after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accepted the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination, local Congressional candidate Luke Puckett praised the speech and offered some insight into who this new face on the national scene is. "Last night the American people got their first good look at who Sarah Palin is and what she will do as their Vice President," Puckett said. "Having met Governor Palin earlier this year when I was in Alaska, I can tell you that what the American people saw last night in public is the same person that she is in private."
Puckett continued by saying "Governor Palin's message last night was very simple: a McCain-Palin administration will focus on keeping taxes low and lowering them further where possible, strengthening our national security and our economy by making our nation energy independent, and standing up for the American dream by insuring that government never grows so powerful as to overshadow the promise of opportunity."
"The contrast between Senators Obama and Biden and Senator McCain and Governor Palin could not be more stark," Puckett remarked. "Last night Governor Palin proved that she not only has more executive experience than the entire Democratic ticket combined, but she also showed that she and her running-mate understand that the people of this great country are its greatest resource and they aren't waiting around for some new government program to get things done."
Note: Mr. Puckett is available for comment to your organization on this topic beyond the statements made in this press release. Please contact Brian Sikma at the information listed above to schedule an interview with Mr. Puckett.

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