Thursday, August 7, 2008

Visiting Chinese teachers to watch Olympics from NWI

"The 29th Summer Olympiad opening Friday in Beijing will allow the world to see 'the real image of China,' said [Huili] Jiang, one of 14 college English teachers from Hangzhou, China, nearing the end of a month's study at Valparaiso University.

They plan to watch the Olympic opening ceremony [tomorrow] with the American colleagues they've worked with this summer, at either a local restaurant or other gathering spot.

Jiang said she is excited to share that experience with American friends and see what they think of an Olympic kickoff rumored to be among the most spectacular" (retrieved from the NWI Times, August 7, 2008).

Exciting times! Now I wonder if this might hit home a little more for us (Chicago) in 2016?

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