Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin for McCain VP?

It's looking more and more like John McCain will announce that his running mate for the election will be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Palin is a first-term governor credited with reforms of her often forgotten state. Newly minted Democratic nominee Barack Obama is making an aggressive play for the traditional GOP stronghold and its three electoral votes, and polls show the race close.

Republicans kick off their national nominating convention next week in St. Paul, Minn., and McCain's campaign hopes the announcement of his running mate will stunt any momentum Obama might get from the just-concluded Democratic National Convention.

At 44, Palin is younger than Obama and, like McCain, she calls herself a maverick. Maybe she might even pull in some Hillary supporters who are dissatisfied with the Dysfunctional Democratic Family right now. McCain is not really on the FAR right like most Republican candidates, perhaps he will pull in some of the left. The ticket is certainly looking more attractive to me, not to mention, Governor Palin is very attractive also....

TRIVIA Fact: In 1984, Palin was first runner-up in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant after winning the Miss Wasilla contest earlier that year, winning a scholarship to help pay her way through college. In the Wasilla pageant, she played the flute and also won Miss Congeniality.

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