Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rudy Clay Day

So after firemen showed up for work on Monday and were sent home, city employees began calling this a "Rudy Clay Day." Essentially since Clay is trying to save money he has cut pay and hours by 20 percent in Gary for city employees. "Mayor Clay has said the city will run out of money by October without the cuts because his city is facing a $13 million budget shortfall," reports the Times.

Maybe if he didn't give contracts to his son to take photos for the city, or maybe if he knew his head from a hole in the ground when it comes to running a city, he wouldn't be having some of these problems. Or maybe if he hadn't been buying the gasoline for his city-leased Hummer H3, the city would have more money (he did begin buying his own gas after city workers complained). He's already made a fool of himself on live television over the Obama vote count (which possibly involved a scandal of some sort). And now he decides to cut public safety workers, putting the city at greater risk. I guess as more and more public safety and city officials get sent home, we'll keep celebrating "Rudy Clay Day."

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