Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guess what NWI? Your air is not safe to breathe

Apparently the EPA said there is too much soot in the air in Northwest Indiana, i.e. our air is not very safe to breathe. So let's impose harsher emissions standards? That's ridiculous. Lake and Porter Counties are the only counties in the state with emissions testing -- not even Marion County has it.

"Northwest Indiana is included on a list EPA released Tuesday of 215 counties nationwide where the dirty air is too unhealthy to breathe according to the new standards. They are nearly twice as strict as the old standards" reports the Times.

Has anyone taken a drive north on Cline Avenue recently? Perhaps legislators have forgotten that people's cars are not to blame for polluted air, but rather an abundance of industrial smokestacks at steel mills, refineries, and more! Maybe if you want to clean up the air, you should start on a corporate level....

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