Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dowling ousted from Schererville PD

After asking Schererville Police Chief David Dowling to resign almost two months ago, the Town Council successfully voted him out of office last night. Dowling was obviously pretty angry. The Times reports,

"After reading a two-page statement, Town Council President Hal Slager requested Dowling be removed as chief. Fellow Republican Councilman Perry Ferrini made the motion, and Republican Councilman Jerry Tippy seconded the motion.

Tom Schmitt, a Democrat, voted against Dowling's removal. Democratic Councilman Rob Guetzloff was on vacation and didn't vote, but in a phone call Wednesday night, Guetzloff said he opposed Dowling's removal.

Dowling has served as chairman of the St. John/St. John Township Democratic Precinct Organization the last four or five years. His post with the organization caused controversy between party lines. When talk of his removal first surfaced, the Democratic councilmen argued that it was because of his party affiliation."

Apparently the Republicans don't want a Democrat in public office of any sort, even if he's a good police chief. I've had the opportunity to meet the guy, and he doesn't seem bad at all. Can anyone clarify this for me? Is this really all about Democrat vs. Republicans?

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briefs said...

I don't have any personal knowledge of the situation, but it would be inappropriate in my mind for a police chief to serve as party chair. If he were elected to police chief that's one thing, but he's an appointed department head.

And, as well all know, appointed political department heads can be removed for anything, even politics.