Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tax abatements bringing over 30 jobs to Valpo

From the NWI Times:

"Two companies promising to create a total of more than 30 new jobs in Valparaiso were granted tax abatement Monday by the council.

Great Lakes Laboratories, which is building a 6,900-square-foot facility in Eastport Centre industrial park, was given a seven-year abatement on the $612,000 cost of the building. NAMPAC Inc., got an eight-year abatement on equipment valued at $2.79 million, which it is adding to its plant in the Montdale Industrial Park.

Great Lakes does drug testing for the Porter County Drug Task Force, the county prosecutor's office and the sheriff's department, as well as DNA testing, cause of death tests and other forensic lab work. The move will enable the company to keep the five current employees and add three more with average salaries of $54,000....

... A spokesman for NAMPAC, which makes plastic pails, said the new equipment will make it the biggest manufacturer of pails in the world. The company has 85 employees, many of whom will be promoted as a result of the new equipment, and about 31 new employees will be hired at a starting salary of about $27,000 a year."

Sounds like this is good news for Valpo and Porter County.


briefs said...

Valpo is doing a terrific job of using incentives to draw jobs into the community. They are also spending a lot more per capita than other communities on improving their infrastructure.

An interesting side note: Due to five solid years of planning and investments, Valpo is one of the only communities that will be just fine under the new property tax caps.

prayeramedic said...

That is an interesting side note, I didn't realize that. Looks like Costas has done a good job. I'm sure he would have done even better as AG (oops, did I say that?). It's ok, as you have pointed out, Costas has embraced Zoeller and I will too.