Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NW Indiana Bloggers Meeting

I know many of you have already put this meeting on your schedules for tomorrow:

6 p.m. at On Site Computers in Crown Point
Northwest Indiana Bloggers

First time, that I know of at least, that bloggers from multiple niches are getting together to discuss ways to work together. The owners of 219.com will also be there to propose that we write on their site too, to increase traffic and conversations about our Region.

If you can make it, it would be great to meet in person.


Chris Hedges said...

I didn't get an email about this, so I'm glad I saw the post. I put up a post on my site as well to get the word out.

briefs said...

Serious Chris? I sent a ton of emails, I wonder if I don't have the right one for you?

Hey Dan, can you send me an email today and copy Hedges so I can see if he's got a new one that I missed.

briefs said...

Looks like everyone is leaning toward a weekend meeting. I'm looking at schedule and will send a "possible" date out later this weekend.

Chris Hedges said...

Hi Steve,

I probably got the email, but my overzealous spam filter probably saw too many recipients and filtered out of sight into the pit with the hundreds of other spam emails I get.