Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miller Station closure might be on track Friday

"Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District trustees could vote Friday on the closure of the South Shore's Miller station to make way for a new $120 million Gary Gateway station.

The station closure and Gateway station are on the agenda for the board of trustee's 10 a.m. meeting at NICTD headquarters at the Dune Park Station, 33 E. U.S. 12, Chesterton, according to John Parsons, NICTD marketing and planning director.

The trustees could vote after discussing the matter or decide to study it further, Parsons said. The Miller station would not close until the new Gateway station is opened in 2011.

Residents and business groups from Miller will be showing up at the meeting, according to Gene Ayers, of the Miller Citizens Corp" says the NW Indiana Times.

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