Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Overdue... NWI Blogosphere Update

It is definitely time to have a Northwest Indiana Blogosphere Update, we haven't done one of those in quite awhile.

Blue County in a Red State reflected on downtown Gary yesterday after he attended a Railcats game. He also talks about the possibility of a new South Shore station.

Christopher Hedges reports about an interesting fact in Northwest Indiana's climate history: we were once as warm as Arizona. He also has been reminiscing about how much he enjoys summer.

Jim Foley over at IN-Iraq talks about two Indiana Army National Guard soldiers in Iraq who wait on call for hours and rush wounded soldiers from the medivac copter to the emergency room -- on a volunteer basis. One of these 76th Infantrymen who lift wounded soldiers on their down time is an East Chicago firefighter/EMT on the civilian side.

Jerry Davich, a columnist for the Post Tribune, has posed the question to readers if they think that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Head on over to the blog post and weigh in on the issue.

Kevin Tracy posted about a racially controversial item that was sold at the Texas Republican Convention with the blessing of the state party. Take a look for yourself.

NWI Basketball says that Bowman is going to be a force. "If they keep winning like they have this summer that is. Let's see, camp championship at Valpo......Bishop Noll summer tourney winners, and I've heard they went down to Indiana University and won the entire championship there this past weekend....going 8-0. Remember, this is a 1A school...." Read more....

Blogger Chris Sloan is using his site this week to post videos as a tribute to America, patriotism and the Fourth of July. Head over and watch the first one now (a tribute to 9/11) and keep an eye open for the rest this week. Also, we welcome his site, Ink Spot Printer, to NWI Connect's blogroll!

To be "given" money or to "loan" the money... that is the question. At least it's the question when comparing Republican Murphy's proposal to Democrat Bucko's over at Porter County Politics.

Dan over at prayeramedic has been doing a series on Mary, the Mother of Jesus. He talks about how the Catholic church has elevated her status over the years. Dan also posted a picture of his new tattoo.

South Shore Progressive recently took a trip to Michigan City and had a mini-vacation at the beach. Of course during the first part of the day he had the chance to attend the opening of the Democratic HQ on Hwy 20, and meet Jill Long Thompson and Congressman Joe Donnelly. He talks about that experience more in his post.

If you were not included in this update and you are on the blogroll, then you probably have not posted within the last two days. If you are an NWI blogger and would like to be on our blogroll and included in future blogosphere updates, please email me at and let me know! Enjoy!

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