Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Duplicate Content Warning

I got an email from Jonathan at Dunesblog about posting duplicate content that I'd like to share (with his permission):

"I work in the Internet field and I specialize in managing content for search engines. I like the idea of NWI connect, but you guys might want to avoid double posting across multiple blogs. The Google algorithm hates duplicate content on different sites and will penalize your search rankings because of it. Also, it’s perfectly all right to write about a blog entry on another blog and link to it, just don’t duplicate the content."

I know there was some discussion about this in the past, but here it is officially. Happy blogging!


briefs said...

I've heard that before, and even had that same concern back when I met all the guys at Hoosier Access.

They scoffed at my concern and said their page ranks and traffic were jumping as they cross-posted their way through the primary and convention.

Not sure? I think perhaps full cross posting may be unsafe, perhaps liberal cross-quoting with a return to lots of links

Chris Hedges said...

I think being careful to limit duplicate content is a smart move. The first site to publish the content gets the benefit, while the subsequent sites might get a Google penalty, as Jonathan wrote.

The best bet is to paraphrase most content from another blog with a link back to the original post.

Also, look at the particular topic on Google and link to the top search results (usually Wikipedia) on the appropriate anchor text can also help to pull a post higher up in the search results. Just make sure that the linking is appropriate so that you don't turn off readers.