Friday, July 11, 2008

Chicken Screwer in Prison Again

At work we've collectively labeled this guy the chicken f***er. Sorry for the profanity, but it's true in his case.

"Just days before he was set to be released from parole on a animal cruelty conviction, Michael Bessigano is in jail again on charges of downloading obscene images and videos involving sex and animals.

Bessigano was arrested Thursday by federal authorities on a charge of transportation of obscene materials involving bestiality in the Northern District of Indiana between February and June.

U.S. Magistrate Paul Cherry also ordered Bessigano to undergo psychological evaluation to determine whether he was sane at the time of the most recent alleged offense.

Bessigano served more than four years in state prison for a 2002 animal cruelty conviction for stealing a chicken from a farmer, having sex with the animal, killing it and discarding the carcass.

The incident caused state lawmakers last year to pass a law creating criminal penalties for bestiality. Although Bessigano had a history of alleged abuse against other animals, he could not be charged with bestiality in 2002 because of an omission in the law at the time."

This guy is sick. He needs professional help, though.

Read the full Times article.

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