Monday, July 14, 2008

Calling All NWI Bloggers!

Hello everyone! I know there are a lot of bloggers in NWI. On twitter I overheard Steve say there are almost 50 in the area! There's nowhere near 50 on the blogroll for this website. By all means, if you are a blogger in Northwest Indiana, let me know and I'd be happy to publicize you by adding you to the blogroll and NWI Blogosphere updates! Even if you already have some of your blogs on here, I'd be happy to add additional ones. Omissions are not intentional -- I just can't stay on top of everyone. Let me know!

Also, welcome the Drum Apprentice blog to the NWI blogosphere and to our blogroll! If you're a drummer in NWI or know anyone anywhere who is interested in drumming/percussion, send em' on over!


briefs said...

I show that many on my squidoo list on Northwest Indiana Blogs. ( but you're right many of them aren't posting very much.

I was thinking of doing two lists, one that included everyone and then one that just includes those that post regularly.

I met with the owners too and they want to revamp the site to work with us, allow us to write, allow us to gain google traction, and create a NW Indiana blogging portal together. I think they will generally get more traffic than the rest of us, since they search high, so I'll be calling a meeting at their offices soon for all of us to meet and brainstorm.

Chris Hedges said...

Hi Steve and Dan,

With, you might want to check into Wordpress MU (multi-user). Wordpress has all sorts of nice plugins that automate a lot of the SEO and maintenance drudgery -- such as making and submitting sitemaps and spam filtering. Giving people a NWI blogging platform might be a good deal. (I was thinking of doing something like that, but my wife didn't want to me to spend too much time playing around with that type of project).

I still need to register for the BlogIndiana conference also. That's going to be a good place to network and learn more. I'm interested in meeting some of the owners of the tech start ups in Indy.

prayeramedic said...

Will we still be able to monetize our blogs freely? Will the terms of use be stricter, i.e. will free speech be limited? Those are my main two questions for now.

Anonymous said...

Dalton here,

Chris great thoughts on wordpress MU, I was just asked to join the Hoosier Access team and I think they are using that platform too. It works great.

I'm looking at next Wednesday night for the first meeting.

Dan, free speech will be protected, although I think outright profanity will be undesirable. The owners of the site are very open and want to create the site together.

As for monetization, many of the aggregate team type blogs do a revenue sharing formula. So it's not any one person's google ads it's a sitewide project to monetize and then some formula for revenue sharing. That's the part that we'll have to crawl before we run.

prayeramedic said...

Wed the 23rd? I'll probably have to forego this one. I have class on Wed. nights, sorry.