Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Review: Cender & Company, L.L.C.

Here's a blog that's being added to the blogroll that you should know about: Cender & Company. "Cender and Company is a municipal finance and planning consultant based in Northwest Indiana handling consulting for Cities and Towns all over the midwest. "

They've even created a new blog on Blogger to help out with their online promotion: The Indiana Municipal Consultant blog.

In that blog, they describe themselves: "We provide bond consulting, budget analysis and presentations, fiscal impact studies, utility rate studies, and a whole host of services for Indiana Cities and Towns. [If you] are you worried about the affect of HB 1001 on your property tax rates or collections, then we can help you plan and prepare.

Our team of expert consultants will be chronicled here on this blog, as well as resumes and sample projects will be featured on our company website. We welcome a new challenge and because of this tendency, we get called when the "big firms" can't fit the problem into their pre-packaged services."

Just keeping you informed!


briefs said...

Thanks again Dan. It's been a fun project going from no online presence whatsoever and building from scratch. We're getting seriously big jumps in SEO and then we're going to build the website a page at a time with support from the blogs.

briefs said...

Cender and Company Municipal Consultants

Cender and Company Municipal Consultants

It's been an interesting challenge, first to search high, which we're doing already. Then, try to figure out how local government finance employees and elected officials make decisions. So far, it looks like good ole word of mouth marketing.