Friday, June 13, 2008

Tonight is the Corn Roast in CP!!!

Tonight is the annual Corn Roast in Crown Point, Indiana from 4pm until 11pm. The event fills the Square with folks from all over Lake County, and usually has tons of great food, bands, and a beer garden. My wife and I will be floating around tonight. Tonight is also the grand opening of Crown Brewing, from 6pm until 12am -- Crown Point's first very own microbrewery! I'll definitely be checking that out tonight. The brewery is directly across the street from the bowling alley on East St., the same street that the post office is on. A coworker informed me that they have already set a tent up for patrons tonight. See you on the Square!

OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS: The arts and crafts show will be from 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. The Taste of Crown Point is scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. June 20 and 21 on the Square also. Retailers in downtown Crown Point also will have a sidewalk sale July 11 and 12. See the Northwest Indiana Times for more upcoming events.


Daltonsbriefs said...

Dan, I'm pretty excited to see a micro-brew in Crown Point, we had one in Valpo and then they sold the restaurant the new owner decided to get rid of all the equipment.

As an aside, I am wondering about cross posting, I see that the Hoosier Access gang does that a lot. I had heard at one point that cross posting suffered some penalties from google for identical information. Thoughts?

prayeramedic said...

I wasn't aware of that. I noticed it recently from one of the authors at Porter County Politics, and I decided to experiment with it some. Some of it for me was laziness.

I was going to write about a post about the origins of Friday the 13th on prayeramedic, since it has religious beginnings, but then I decided to advertise the Corn Roas instead. I actually lost one reader from doing that today, however, who was outraged at my "pisseth" post and at the fact that I advertised a brewery on a Christian website.

Petty if you ask me. Oh well...

Daltonsbriefs said...

That Christian needs a life, and needs to stop trying to force their personal convictions on others as a way of control. Fundamentalism is still very virulent in NW Indiana, for some reason we can't seem to shake this disagreeable version of oppression and control.

I liked the post, and would be glad to go with my pastor or my 21 year old son (if I had one that old) to celebrate their opening. That doesn't make me less of a Christian, it just makes me a beer lover.

prayeramedic said...

Amen! I am also a beer lover -- I even talked about the beers they have and my thoughts on them at Check out the comments for that at the same cross-post