Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods wins his 14th Major at US Open

In a sudden death overtime win, after 18 holes of playoff today, Tiger Woods completes his 14th major title. Some thoughts:

  • Rocco Mediate is a terrific spokesman for the game of golf, his poise and charisma were powerful. I hope to see him again in another major, perhaps even a win
  • Tiger Woods shows again that even when he's injured he is the best golfer on the planet
  • The game of golf is the big winner, a game of rules that are followed and not cheated, a game where the best is only as good as his or her last outing.
Other posts of note:

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US Open = Hole-In-One For City

I watched and was logged into Twitter for the last few holes and the sudden death hole. On a business Monday twitter was crazy with posts. It didn't matter who you wanted to win, today Golf won.

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