Sunday, May 25, 2008

Porter County Politics Ranks High

For the first time Porter County Politics ranked in the top ten for political sites in Indiana. (number eight actually)

Links from Hoosier Pundit and Hoosier Access this week during the Jon Costas v Greg Zoeller Attorney General race have lifted us on the list. NW Indiana bloggers Blue County in Red State and Christopher Hedges have been on the list before, but this is the first time for us.
Thanks for all the support and links and comments, this Northwest Indiana blogging group is getting pretty diverse and interesting.


prayeramedic said...


Daltonsbriefs said...

Thanks Dan to you and Hedges and Simac and others. Traffic is still pretty level but inbound links must have pushed us on the list.

I noted today that Jon is starting to pick up endorsements from other conservative bloggers too today ... while the rancor over Marion County GOP is fading away.

It's funny that Jon Costas had nothing to do with the supposed actions in Indy, but this was the best they had to throw at him. Basically a supporter in Indianapolis supposedly worked "too" hard to get delegates to commit to him.

Basically due to this story, we got a ton of links and debates and commenting.

Chris said...

While the formula for showing on BNN's list of influence isn't published, I've noticed there are some things that a blogger can do to affect a blog's rankings -- in no particular order: 1) Frequency of posting, 2) References in other BNN/Indiana blogs, 3) Commenting on a lot of BNN/Indiana blogs.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Good ideas, I don't think Aaron's even on there yet, so I just sent him a note to join it.