Thursday, May 29, 2008

NWI Blogosphere Update

First things first: NWI Reviews is hosting a NWI Blog Carnival next week! Head on over and submit an article! To see what has already been submitted in the NWI Blogosphere, click here.

New elections are possible in Israel! It appears that leadership is gearing up for this. Also, did you know that NASA recently landed on Mars? Be sure to read about it at Dalton's Briefs.

CPM Graphic ads (which pay you for impressions) perform much better than CPC ads (which pay you for clicks). Christopher Hedges broke the news that Chitika Now Offers CPM Graphic Ads.

If we have any more 80+ degree days like we did on Saturday (and we will), many of you will likely be running your air-conditioning for extended periods of time. Aaron over at EnergySaving offered some tips to cut down cooling costs that you should check out.

Dan's pastor, Steve Szoke, passed away on Tuesday afternoon, after a long battle with cancer. He thanks everyone for their prayers and support.

If you haven't heard, Porter County Politics was recently ranked in the top ten for political sites in Indiana (number eight)!

Stuck in traffic this morning? A fatal accident involving a passenger vehicle and a semitrailer early Thursday morning jammed traffic on Interstate 80/94 well into the morning commute. Did you hear about the tragic house fire in Gary? Chris Hedges writes about this morning's urban peril.

Looking for an update on the Cantrell trial and the exposed corruption in Lake County? Head over to South Shore Progressive to learn more, and also to learn about who may or may not be the next governor of Indiana.

Did you know that Scott Martin has spurned hometown Valparaiso once again for a bigger, higher-profile school? The Valparaiso High School grad and Purdue transfer has chosen Notre Dame. Find out more at Northwest Indiana Basketball.

Feel that you should have been included in this update? Write to and let us know. Participating in discussion on the site is a plus for being included ;) Enjoy!


Nwihoops said...

Thanks for including us in your roundup.

Also I've wondered about Chikita. I'm with Neverblue and I'll see how they work out for me.

prayeramedic said...

Let me know when you find out about Chitika, I am considering experimenting with them some.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Prayeramedic, thanks for the mentions. As you might expect I'm in the midst of the final stretches for the Jon Costas for AG vote on Monday. I may, emphasis on may, try and live blog from the convention on Monday.

I need to change up some of my monetization as well, hedges seems pretty happy with Chikita, I haven't tried them yet. But, the key to all these monetization strategies is traffic. All of us in the NW Indiana blogosphere need more traffic and more subscribers, more commenters, and of course more people who are interested in the things were adversting.

Keep up the great work on NWI Connect

prayeramedic said...

Chitika turned me down for this site, saying I didn't have enough content. I probably need to be around longer too.

Chris said...

Traffic is the key for monetization.

And, not all traffic is good for making money -- you can have tons of hits for news stories and politics opinions, but often doesn't result in much money. The key is to get people who love to consume -- the people who are into entertainment and are in the mood to click an ad that might get them more information about their favorite star or some other product that captures their interest. (That's why I always love American Idol -- especially in the beginning when people are searching for information about all of those unknown singers).