Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NWI Blogosphere Update

We plan on doing these updates regularly, keeping you informed about what is going on in the Northwest Indiana blogosphere.

Steve over at Dalton's Briefs is talking about the new elections that are being called for in Israel, and about how Israel is finally talking with Syria (and peace talks at that).

Dan over at prayeramedic shared an ironic story about how a wing and a prayer literally resulted in a safe landing for two New Zealand pilots, and his wife Tiffany recently shared how recycling is a form of Biblical stewardship for the earth.

Blue County in a Red State wrote about the Kernan aide taking the "Blue Ribbon Commission" to the woodshed, and trash talking Mitch to boot.

Christopher Hedges is encouraging Indiana University alumni to vote online in this year's Board of Trustees election, and he's keeping you informed about the American Idol Top Two Duel between David Cook and David Archuleta.

Aaron at EnergySaving offered some home energy savings tips that only cost $100.

Jaymi the Flip Flop Mamma has been a busy girl lately.

Jerry Davich recently reflected on an article concerning people's theories surrounding blue-tinted gulls, and how that tells us more about people than birds.

If you're feeling lost in the NWI blogosphere, Porter County Politics recently published a handy list of Northwest Indiana blogs with a short explanation of each.

Northwest Indiana Real Estate recently pointed out that home building is picking up nationwide, contrary to what you may have heard.

And finally, Tyranny Watch sent out some kudos to Google for upholding the first amendment and refusing to remove all Islamist videos from YouTube.

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Daltonsbriefs said...

Dan, thanks for the great round-up. Isn't it great to see the number of posts in a day or two in our Region? We've really come into our own.

Hedges used to do a Carnival too, I need to follow up with him on gettting that going again.

prayeramedic said...

No problem. I intend to hopefully do this at least bi-weekly, maybe more frequently if we can generate enough readership. Right now there are no subscribers :(

Anonymous said...

I've subscribed a couple times, and so did Aaron. For some reason feedburner seems to take a day or two to get caught up