Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Windows 7

The new Windows 7, which will be the next release (post-Vista), is supposed to incorporate touch screen technology, possibly making the mouse obsolete. Check out this video for a short demonstration of Windows 7:

From the Associated Press:

'Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates framed the new feature as an evolution away from the mouse.

"Today almost all the interaction is keyboard-mouse," Gates said. "Over years to come, the role of speech, vision, ink—all of those—will be huge."

The software company's top two executives defended its last operating system, Vista, while acknowledging missteps. Gates said he has never been 100 percent satisfied with any Microsoft product, and that the company prides itself on fixing shortcomings in later versions.

"Vista has given more opportunity to exercise our culture than some products," he deadpanned.'

One day things could look like the below video, where multiple devices communicate via a complex network that follows you wherever you go....

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