Thursday, May 29, 2008

Methodist Hospital Seeks Better ER Care in NWI

According to the NWI Times:
"Methodist hospital officials on Wednesday once again pushed for the facility to be named a trauma center for Northwest Indiana.

The Gary area, in the heart of heavy industry, at the crossroads of major transportation routes and with pockets of violent crime, is the logical choice for a trauma center site, they said....

This region is the only area in the state not covered by a certified trauma center. Most trauma patients are stabilized at local hospitals and transferred to Chicago trauma centers.

Already this year, 40 area residents were treated for gunshot wounds, including a 1-year-old, said Michael McGee, The Methodist Hospitals chief of emergency services.

One person every five days is shot," McGee said."

The problem is with funding. Congress hasn't appropriated enough money, so the state of Indiana is left to fend for itself. Seferino Farias, chief of trauma surgery at the Methodist hospitals, said that trauma patients "expect more but pay the least." And this is why trauma centers are being forced to close down all over Indiana. Read the article for more information.

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