Friday, May 30, 2008

Jon Costas is the Right Choice

It looks like Hoosier Access has been blasting Costas a lot lately. This calls to set the record straight. Jon Costas not only leads in endorsements of state elected officials, state legislators and local mayors, but he also leads in endorsements of Republican party leaders. Why would all of these people back Costas is Zoeller is supposedly so "experienced?" Here is what your very own leaders have said:

“It is important that the citizens of Indiana have a true conservative in the Attorney General’s office working for them,” State Representative Eric Turner (R-Cicero) said. “Jon has done Christian relief work across the globe and helped found a crisis pregnancy center in Porter County. Jon Costas has a long history of putting his conservative beliefs into action.”
“Jon Costas is the conservative Republican leader Indiana needs at its next Attorney General,” State Representative Woody Burton (R-Whiteland) said. “Jon embodies our conservative principles and family values.”

So who is backing Jon Costas? Click this image to enlarge it, so that you can get a good look!

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Daltonsbriefs said...

Dan, thanks again for your support of Jon Costas and his campaign to obtain the nomination for Attorney General.

Jon's the best choice, while I agree that Greg Zoeller is experience as the Deputy, it's time to get a strong leader in that office.