Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cantrell on Trial

According to the NWI Times:

"Several teachers are on the jury that will decide whether longtime East Chicago political insider Robert Cantrell, a former educator and coach, committed federal fraud.... Cantrell is charged with 11 counts of tax evasion, honest services deprivation and health insurance fraud for allegedly taking kickbacks from a contractor of North Township, where Cantrell formerly worked.

Despite the friendly and upbeat demeanor of the officials in the trial, government prosecutors could be preparing to shed light on some long-hidden secrets of Lake County.

Court records say jurors could hear about the inner workings of the North Township trustee’s office, Cantrell’s possible involvement with absentee ballots and testimony from a longtime friend who is a "person of interest" in a 1992 waterfront killing.

Stretches of the trial are expected to focus on Cantrell’s family, including his son John, a defense attorney who was granted immunity from prosecution, and Cantrell’s daughter Julie, who is a Lake Superior Court judge, records say.

Robert Cantrell was the subject of federal investigation for several years before he was indicted last year. Some observers say he is one of the most influential political insiders in Lake County, while others say his clout has waned in recent years....

...Much of the case centers on a Cantrell associate named Nancy Fromm, who owns Addiction and Family Care of Hammond and admits paying Cantrell money in exchange for government contracts.

Cantrell was the director of North Township's East Chicago relief office, and received a "finder’s fee" whenever the township hired Fromm’s company for employee counseling jobs, Fromm has said."

The Post Tribune and South Shore Progresive also have great articles on the issue.

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Bob Mattson said...

Thanks for the love shown to SSP.

Were not going to see any dirt come out of North Township. The township was a cesspool of corruption under former trustee Greg Citkovich and he has already done jail time.

Frank Mrvan Jr. cleaned things up when he came in to replace Citkovich.